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How to use Guided Access on iPads

Having trouble with students leaving the app they are supposed to be using and going into some other app?
Here's a way to prevent that... the link below will take you to a YouTube video that explains how. It goes pretty fast, but one of the nice things about YouTube is that you can watch it again if needed.
If the student is with the same teacher all day (most CES situations), the teacher could pre-set the passcode... saving time.
If the student moves from teacher to teacher throughout the day (most CJSHS situations), the passcode will need to be set at each use.
Two Cautions:
1. make sure you remember the passcode!
2. make sure you disable Guided Access before the student leaves your room!

Let me know if you have questions or need any help!
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  • Aug 31, 2015
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